Avengers: Endgame comic book character highlight: Captain America

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Death and Return of Captain America

Issues: Captain America vol. 5, 25-42

It was a sad day when Steve Rogers was killed. What everyone assumed was a shot from an assassin was really a bullet from Sharon Carter. She was brainwashed and used as the shooter. While all the commotion was going on, she got the kill. Here’s the weird part — Steve Rogers wasn’t really dead. He was trapped in the time stream.

Red Skull’s plan was to come back in the body of Steve Rogers. Everything would have worked out if it wasn’t for Rogers’ will being too strong to take over. Rogers was willing to kill himself if it meant that Red Skull would die too. Red Skull quickly evacuated Rogers’ mind, and Steve Rogers was back. While Steve was gone, Bucky became Captain America. After Rogers came back, he left the mantle with Bucky. This world needed a new Captain America, and he was it.

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This entire series flowed perfectly. Brubaker took a character in Steve Rogers that people thought was bland and made him into the force. He broke him down only to build him back up again. When Bucky was the New Captain America, he made the transition look the way it should. Bucky had some bumps in the road, but he had Black WIdow and Falcon to help out.

If you want to know more about Captain America, this is the series to check out, especially since Bucky could and should be the new Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This series shows how it happened in depth. Some of the moments won’t happen in a Winter Soldier project, like the fight between Iron Man and Bucky on the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier. Still, it would be cool to see what was changed and what was left in.