Deadly Class season 1 finale review: Sink With California


So much violence in the Deadly Class season finale!

Assuming you haven’t been following along, Deadly Class is a show about a high school that trains assassins. It’s like any other show about teenagers, full of angst and heartache and rebellion, it just also happens to have murder-for-hire training, mysterious monk-like hall attendants, and vengeful serial killers; you know, relatable things we’ve all experienced.

The first season wraps up with a bang; several bangs, actually, as well as gunfire, pitchfork attacks, poison gas, and flame powders. Produced by the original comics’ writer Rick Remender and artist Wes Craig, as well as the Russo brothersDeadly Class ends on a cliffhanger that maybe should have been more concise, considering how much our King’s Dominion classmates have been through the last nine episodes.

Deadly Class pulls a home invasion on the home invaders

Last episode, Marcus and his friends from King’s Dominion were preparing to steal Chico’s decapitated head from Chester, the scarred serial killer who used to live in the boy’s home with Marcus; Chester thinks Marcus stole his thunder when he acted like he killed everyone in the boy’s home, robbing Chester of some kind of delusional “celebrity killer” glory.

Also in the last episode, Master Lin’s wife was killed by El Diablo, as punishment for lying about who killed his son, Chico. Master Lin and his daughter escaped, and were fleeing from El Diablo and his cartel gangsters, as well as from Lin’s sister, Master Gao.

This episode starts with Lin and his child running from the cartel through a butcher shop, and several butchers attacking the cartel members, before getting gunned down by El Diablo’s nephew, or some kind of familial relation. Marcus and company get geared up and invade Shabnam’s house, which Chester has taken over, only for it to appear empty.

DEADLY CLASS — “Noise, Noise, Noise” Episode 101 — Pictured: Isaiah Lehtinen as Shabnam — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

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Glorious battle ensues

Chester and his warped clan of a family burst out of hiding, and a firefight erupts. A couple of hillbillies chainsaw each other to death accidentally, causing Marcus and Lex to lose their cool, becoming pinned down in the kitchen behind a fridge. Saya gets cornered, and Maria decides to call her out for sleeping with Marcus, before rescuing her. Lin and his daughter continue to flee, as Master Gao gets information from Shabnam.

Marcus and Lex use a pipe bomb to blow up another hillbilly, hiding in the fridge for cover. Saya and Maria have a wicked fight scene, only to be interrupted by Chester’s grandma, wielding a pitchfork. Lin fights El Diablo’s nephew in a crackhouse, and gets flaming powder blown at him by the cartel member; he almost dies, but his daughter smacks the nephew with a board and they manage to get away. A giant hillbilly sees Maria kill Chester’s grandma with the pitchfork and beats up both Maria and Saya, only to be stopped by a poison bomb thrown by Petra.

DEADLY CLASS — “MIrror People” Episode 103 — Pictured: Benjamin Wadsworth as Marcus — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Deadly Class has a decent ending, but maybe not a good ending

Marcus follows Chester into the basement, where he is attacked and tied up. Billy saves Lex from a stabbing, and Saya gets disillusioned and bails on everyone. El Diablo gets a message from Gao and picks up his nephew, who can’t find Lin and his daughter, who entered a secret passageway. Marcus awakens sitting on a couch in the basement, where Chester is hosting a weird talk show-like scene, taping it in hopes of becoming famous. Marcus monologues about pain and suffering, then hits Chester with a brick, darting back into the other part of the basement, full of caged dogs. Chester is whooping on Marcus real good, but then Marcus frees one of the dogs, which attacks and seemingly kills Chester.

Saya gets revenge on Quan in Deadly Class No. 37!. dark. Next

Finding Chico’s head in another fridge, Marcus heads topside, where he and Maria break up over the Saya situation, but right as they step out of the yard, El Diablo finds them, holding his dead son’s head. Master Lin and his daughter make it back to King’s Dominion, where Master Gao takes Lin’s daughter from him, as he lays bleeding out on the floor. El Diablo shoots Lex, and the episode ends. The cliffhanger ending wasn’t expected, so perhaps that’s a good thing, but the whole extra storyline of Gao really put a sour taste in this author’s mouth. Who knows what will happen next season? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.