Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man No. 4 review


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man No. 4 arrives with the end of the story arc “Mother of Exiles”. Here is our review of the story. Beware of the spoilers coming ahead!

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man No. 4 shows the reunion of Leilani and her children. The Rumor and Spider-Man work together for their final battle against Hale (Leilani’s father) and his army but Spidey isn’t alone in this war as his whole neighborhood is with him. Spidey is also assisted by Detective Shari Sebbens. This definitely proves a common quote which states “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

The story shows how much of an amazing neighborhood Spider-Man lives in. It truly shows that the more you help people, you more people help you. This is shown when Spidey is shown fighting Hale and loosing. Then the neighborhood comes around to help Spider-Man fight Hale. Whether knowing who Hale is or not, the neighborhood stands with the friendly neighborhood hero against Hale.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man No. 4: Spidey and Neighborhood vs Hale (Credits: Marvel Comics)

Nevertheless, Spidey is also seen to be a really great liar. When Wilson Fisk (the Mayor) comes to meet Hale and talk through the problem being occurred, he asks Spider-Man where the children of Leilani are and tells him to return their children to Hale. Unfortunately, Spidey doesn’t have them and tells Fisk that Leilani and her children are gone, when asked where he didn’t know (and he didn’t want to either).

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man No. 4: Fisk and Hale (Credits: Marvel Comics)

In the end, Hale is told to go back to his world because of his grandchildren as they do not know where he is (especially not in New York). When they all leave, Spidey goes back to his apartment alongside The Rumor where Leilani and her children are. Leilani’s children are known to be safe. This issue once again shows the friendship of Human Torch and Spider-Man. It truly shows how amazing the friendship of these characters is.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man No. 4: Spidey, Human Torch and Leilani (Credits: Marvel Comics)

After a rough day for Peter Parker as Spider-Man, Peter returns to his room. The cliffhanger of Aunt May in Friendly Neighborhood No. 1 continues in this issue and most probably in the next issue, Peter will be aware of Aunt May’s cancer. This could take a new turn into the story in the next issue.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man No. 4: Peter and May (Credits: Marvel Comics)

Score: 9.0/10

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Altogether, No. 4 brings an appropriate ending to the “Mother of Exiles” story arc which shows how great of a neighbor Spider-Man is and how great of a neighborhood he has as well. It also shows how good of a friendship Spidey and Human Torch have as well.