Wave: Marvel introduces a new Filipina superhero


Marvel is introducing Wave, a Filipina superhero, in the upcoming War of the Realms story arc.

Filipinos are pretty few and far between in the comic world. We had a team called The Triumph Division featured in 2008’s Invincible Iron Man, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen once grace the inside of a comic book. Longtime X-Men and Hulk writer Greg Pak announced that Marvel will be unveiling a Filipina superhero named Wave. She is set to be a big player in Marvel’s upcoming War of the Realms storyline, specifically New Agents of Atlas No. 1.

The co-creator of Wave is Filipino artist, Leinil Francis Yu. Leinil has done art for The Avengers, Hulk, Uncanny X-Men, and many more.

Wave sports a green and gold costume and a slew of deep-sea weapons. Not much else has been said about her powers. She is being described by Marvel as “a mysterious new Filipino heroine” on their website.

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The team being set up in New Agents is led by Amadeus Cho’s Brawn, who is Korean-American. You may also know Cho from his time as the Hulk. Brawn’s team is also set to feature Shang-Chi, Kimmy Woo, and Silk. New Agents of Atlas #1 has been written by Greg Pak and Gang-Hyuk Lim. The cover will feature original art by Billy Tan. It is set to run for four issues.

When asked about the team in Spin, Greg Pak said:

"“…I looked at this great ensemble cast and thought it really needed more representation from outside East Asia. And it occurred to me that it had been a long time since Marvel had done anything with any superheroes from the Philippines.”"

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Needless to say, the Filipino community has been ecstatic about the appearance of Wave, myself included. Hopefully, this will mean more Filipino heroes in comics in the future.

The first issue of War of Realms is set to release in May and will feature the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and plenty of other favorites.