Arrowverse: 15 best Arrow moments of all-time

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15. Laurel Lance Becomes The Black Canary

Episode: “Left Behind” (Season 3, Episode 10)

Oliver Queen’s presumed death didn’t just leave Team Arrow heartbroken, it left Starling City without its protector. Seizing the opportunity in The Arrow’s absence, Daniel “Brick” Brickwell stepped up in an attempt to take over The Glades. As a result, he became the most feared man on the streets. However, his rise to power just didn’t sit well with one disgruntled attorney.

Recently crushed over the death of her sister, Sara, Dinah Laurel Lance threw herself into work when she heard of Oliver’s supposed demise. That is, until Brick became a thorn in her side. The injustice became too much for her. In a bid to pay tribute to her dearly departed sister, Laurel took to the streets as the vigilante known as the Black Canary.

Using Sara’s sonic devices, she set her sights on the two men who managed to escape justice in the courtroom. As one of them asked her who she was, she simply replied, “I’m the justice you can’t run from” before knocking him out cold.

Though the creative team would do a huge disservice to the beloved character in the year that followed, nothing could take away from this perfect moment. Fans of Laurel had been waiting a long time to see the character finally take up her comic book mantle of Black Canary.

After Sara showed up as The Canary in Season 2, it once seemed like she had been robbed of that chance. However, as ever, Laurel persevered and, only when injustice was at its worst, did the Black Canary rise.

A perfect debut for Arrow‘s most inspiring hero. We miss you, Laurel.