Arrowverse: 15 best Arrow moments of all-time

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13. Oliver’s Rooftop Showdown With Ricardo Diaz

Episode: “Life Sentence” (Season 6, Episode 23)

Season 6 of Arrow may not have been its greatest outing, but it certainly provided us with many standout moments. Before it went out, it made sure that it gave us one more.

Having finally freed the city from Ricardo Diaz’s grip, Oliver took his newly reunited team (and the FBI!) along with him, as he made his way to a warehouse in order to save the mortally wounded Quentin Lance (and his deceased daughter’s formerly evil doppelgänger Black Siren). And it was here where he would take on his arch nemesis one last time.

Squaring off on the roof, Green Arrow and Diaz quickly disposed of each other’s weapons, evening the odds and ultimately telling us that the battle for Star City’s soul would end with a good old-fashioned fist-fight. Thus, with rain lashing down, both men met in hand-to-hand combat, taking the fight to each other in a huge way.

However, despite his strength and aggression, Diaz soon realized that he couldn’t keep up with the League of Assassins-trained Oliver and was eventually overpowered by the Emerald Archer.

From the visuals to Blake Neely’s epic score in the background and from James Bamford’s stunningly executed fight choreography to Black Siren’s final interference to Scream Diaz off the rooftop, this was the perfect way to bring an end to Season 6’s story.

Not only did Oliver reclaim that fire he had lost, he reunited with his team and managed to defeat Diaz in a fist-fight, proving that once and for all, Star City belonged to the Green Arrow. What a battle.