Avengers: Endgame comic book character highlight: Thor

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Bringing back the gods

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Donald Blake told Thor, “Where there is Thor, there is Asgard.” With his father’s powers, the Odin Force, Thor brought back Asgard on Earth, but it was empty. With none of his people to inhabit his kingdom, it wasn’t truly Asgard. Then Thor remembered something that Blake said in the void. “If it is for mortals to say whether or not the gods exist, then I say they live on in the hearts and souls and minds of mortals.” Thor soon embarked on a journey to find the fallen Asgardians, which lead him all over the world from New Orleans to Africa. The Odinson brought back the gods of Asgard. They were living inside hearts of mortals just as Donald Blake said they were.

Connection to the MCU

The Asgardians died between Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War. No one knows how many (if any) are alive. Having them die off forever would be a mistake. However, bringing Asgard back and on Earth leaves the MCU with a plethora of opportunities. A television show about the Asgardians living in Broxton could be the way to go. The good part is this story wouldn’t need the God of Thunder. In the comics, the interaction between the gods and people of Broxton was beyond entertaining. There was even a love story between a mortal and a god that would work in the show. Also, since Jaimie Alexander’s Sif is still part of the MCU, she could be the star of the show.