Avengers: Endgame comic book character highlight: Thor

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

God of Thunder VS Mortal in a Metal suit

You may remember when the Odinson and Iron Man had their fight in The Avengers. It looked like they were evenly matched, this isn’t the case in the comic books. During the superhero Civil War (the first one), Tony Stark created a Thor clone that killed Goliath, who was a former Avenger and friend of Odinson. When Thor came back, he found out what happened and wasn’t pleased. He said to Tony, “You defiled my body, desecrated my trust, violated everything that I am. Is this how you define friendship?” Stark tried to justify it, but ended up getting one of the most one-sided beatings to ever be depicted in a comic book. He then gave Stark a warning that if anyone came to Asgard looking for trouble he would show them the difference between, “A God of Thunder and a mortal man in a metal suit.”

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Connection to the MCU

This story is a perfect representation of what could happen to the Asgardians after Avengers: Endgame. Thor may die being the one person strong enough to use the Infinity Gauntlet. If does wield that power, there’s no way he wouldn’t try to bring his people back. And as it was stated earlier, seeing the Asgardians interact with the people of Broxton would make for a great story.