EPIX releases trailer for DC Comics prequel show Pennyworth


The latest DC Comics television adaptation comes in the form of an origin story for Batman’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Now EPIX  has dropped a teaser trailer for the show.

It is no secret that Marvel has been dominating the movie world for the past decade now. However, DC Comics is quietly taking the world by storm on the small screen. Whether it is on The CW or their own DC Universe streaming service, DC shows have consistently received rave reviews from critics and fans alike.

DC hopes to continue to dip their toes into the television world. More recently, they have chosen something of an unconventional character to center a TV show around. The show in question is a Batman origin story. No, not centered around Batman himself, but on his butler, Alfred Pennyworth. The show in question, Pennyworth,  is coming to the EPIX channel this summer, and Epix has now released the first official trailer for the series:

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Jack Bannon plays the titular butler long before he was a butler. In 1960s London, Alfred Pennyworth is a former British SAS soldier who crafts his own security company with the help of billionaire philanthropist, Thomas Wayne, who will be played by Ben Aldridge. Supporting roles from Paloma Faith, Emma Paetz, Dorothy Atkinson, Polly Walker and Jason Flemying help round out the cast.

The trailer promises to deliver a far more grittier, provocative version of Alfred and his life than we’ve seen before. Perhaps the only version of Alfred that could be similar in comparison is the Sean Pertwee version of Alfred from Gotham. That is no coincidence as Pennyworth is being made by the respective writer, director and producers of Gotham, Bruce Heller and Danny Cannon. While the shows are not expected to take place in the same universe, they’ll likely share a similar dark tone suited for older audiences.

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DC Comics’ Pennyworth will make its debut on the EPIX channel this summer with a ten-episode season.