Rumor: Ezra Miller possibly done with The Flash


Following Ezra Miller’s partnership with Grant Morrison to submit a script of The Flash movie, the Fantastic Beasts star may be done with the Scarlet Speedster.

Things do not seem to look good for The Flash movie once again, as this time it has hit another pit stop, this time with the leading actor – Ezra Miller. As reported by We Got This Covered, it is speculated that Miller is done with playing the role of Barry Allen/The Flash.

A couple weeks back, it was learned Miller had teamed up with comic book scribe Grant Morrison to pen the script of his superhero life.  Allegedly, Miller had not seen eye to eye with filmmaking duo John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein in the direction they wish to take with The Flash and opted for a darker tone as opposed to the director’s fun and lighter approach.

Per, We Got This Covered, Miller maybe done playing the Scarlet Speedster altogether. However, this should be taken with a pinch of salt as there has been conflicting information regarding the topic, but the gist of it is that those close to the project say that Warner Bros. is looking to recast.

While earlier reports suggest that Flashpoint may be the source of inspiration for The Flash’s arc, the fact Miller, co-written a new draft of the screenplay with Morrison suggest that Miller could be drawing arcs from Morrison’s run involving Iron Heights. Well, it seems Warner Bros. may have passed on the script. At this point, nothing is confirmed, but we should learn more as things heat up.

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As explained in a previous editorial on Bam Smack Pow, while a dark time-travel epic like Flashpoint would be something DC Films can look at in a potential sequel, there are many reasons how things can go wrong and why at this point is not needed at the moment.