Hellboy opening weekend box office estimate


Hellboy is making his return to the big screen, so how will he perform after a lengthy absence?

The new Hellboy reboot opens this weekend. How are things looking for this film’s debut? Will we be seeing plenty of dollar signs or loose change?

Hellboy already has competition from the DCEU’s Shazam!. DC’s own Captain Marvel is expecting to take a 58% drop, resulting in a second weekend gross of roughly $22.5 million. Sadly, the Hellboy reboot looks to be serving less than Shazam! At best, the reboot will post as much as $20 million and land at the #2 spot, if it’s lucky.

Overall, the range for the film’s opening weekend hovers from $14 – $17 million. What is more off-setting is that a film such as Little estimates to be tying with the film. Mind you the concept of a film like Little, an adult in a child’s body, is hardly anything as original as Mike Mignola’s demonic paranormal investigator.

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Trailers for this movie have not been raising the highest of appeal for the project. This is not to say people were resentful towards these trailers, but they could take it or leave it. The marketing has also been rather lax. It has name recognition, although Hellboy is hardly Superman or Spider-Man. We have the great Ian McShane and David Harbour in the main role, so hopefully it can rope in some Stranger Things fans.

The R-rating is a double-edged sword. This automatically locks out some audiences, especially some kids now adults who may want to introduce their kids to Hellboy now. Deadpool proves an R-rated comic book movie can be a success. Plus, fans in general are asking for more R-rated comic book films.

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No doubt, the low Rotten Tomatoes score is also doing damage. This Hellboy film opened around a tough schedule. Most people are probably planning to go see Shazam! again or for the first time. Meanwhile, others plan to save their money for Avengers: Endgame. How can one prioritize with this third wheel in between these two hits? Hopefully, for its sake, the $16.5 million estimate will suffice, and the film can survive off of word of mouth.