The Queen of Faerie has plans for Tim Hunter in Books Of Magic No. 7


Different realms are accessed in Books of Magic.

In what’s becoming a much better comic, Books of Magic, a story about a child magician set in the more obscure parts of the DC universe, has sent the main character, Timothy Hunter, traveling across mystical realms and ethereal planes, on a grand quest, in a very traditional fantasy setting. Along with Lucifer, House of Whispers and The DreamingBooks of Magic comprise a recent re-focusing on different parts of the Sandman universe, and Tim Hunter has a major part yet to play. Writer Kat Howard, illustrator Tom Fowler, colorist Jordan Boyd and letterer Todd Klein, with a cover from Kai Carpenter, have produced a fun and clever look inside the worlds of magic  in the greater DC universe, and this latest issue has Hunter and company literally traveling though doorways to access alternate realities. Very cool.

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Detectives detect and realms are traversed in Books of Magic

In the last issue, Tim Hunter and his substitute teacher/sorceress-master Dr. Rose began traveling through magical planes of existence, tracking down Ellie Jones, a missing student (that Tim has a crush on) who has been captured by the magicians trying to stop Tim from becoming more powerful (by reading more books of magic). This issue begins with two detectives putting information together about Ellie’s disappearance and the recent murder of a teacher (Dr. Rose killed the teacher), and noticing that Timothy Hunter’s name comes up an awful lot, along with Dr. Rose. Clever writing makes the turn of the page into a fun reveal of Tim and Dr. Rose fighting to close an interdimensional doorway on a tentacle monster and then heading to retrieve Tim’s owl from Mad Hettie. Dr. Rose finds another doorway there, and it turns out to be a portal to the book the evil librarian magician who kidnapped Ellie trapped her inside of. After a struggle, they enter the doorway, but not to Ellie.

Vertigo Comics

Books of Magic travels to Faerie, and Tim seems haunted

The doorway deposited Dr. Rose and Tim Hunter into Faerie, land of legend, ruled by Queen Titania and King Oberon. Dr. Rose and Tim had been there before, but Tim didn’t remember because the land itself took those memories from him as payment for traveling through (which is gnarly!). This implies Dr. Rose is perhaps a heavier hitter than has been let on, although she did decapitate Mr. Brisby and do necromancy with his guts. So that’s an exciting tidbit. She tries to do scrying magic again, because it’s stronger when performed in a magical realm, but it doesn’t work. Although, it is revealed that Tim has an evil reflection, staring up at him from the water of the scrying pool. Tim has a nightmare where evil Tim kills off good Tim but, when he wakes, Queen Titania’s creatures are there, ready to escort both humans to her royal personage.

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Titania says she’s “delighted” to have Tim in her court again and that she’s missed him, and it’s hard to tell if she’s actually happy or sarcastically evilly telling him it’s good that he’s there. And that’s credit due to the artists, really. Where’s King Oberon? Is Titania actually happy to see Tim? What did he do the last time that he was there? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.