Dream tricks the Faerie Queen in The Dreaming No. 9


The Dreaming sets itself up for a quest.

The pursuit of a thing, more often a person, is the basis for many of the greatest tales of all time. It’s the MacGuffin that drives the story, that causes the action to unfold. It’s the briefcase in Pulp Fiction, the Maltese falcon in the movie of the same name, Luke in The Force Awakens, and now Dream in The Dreaming. From author Simon Spurrier, artist Bilquis Evely, colorist Mat Lopes and letterer Simon Bowland, with a cover from Yanick Paquette and Nathan Fairbairn, comes a classic narrative maneuver that will allow for much changing of scenery, which is always good for story progression and artistic show-offery. “The Lord of Dreams is missing, and he needs to be found” is a solid concept, tell you what.

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Moth-boy adjusts to The Dreaming and Dora goes to Faerie

At the end of the last issue, Lucien disappeared from the hospital where Dream’s fiance ended up after overdosing due to their split when Dream realized she tattooed him with evil magic, unknowingly. Dream has been missing from The Dreaming for a while now, and there’s a new entity. It’s like a giant moth/child, and it’s an artificial intelligence that gained sentience through magic, or something crazy like that. It’s having a hard time dealing with all the issues the residents of The Dreaming are throwing at it, and it overhears that Dora, our mysterious heroine, can travel through realities. They find a fingernail belonging to Dream, the magical scent of which will allow them to find their missing lord. It outfits Dora with the Baku, a dream-hunting monster, as a steed and Matthew the raven as a companion, and sends them after Dream. The trail first takes them to the realm of Faerie, where they meet Nuala.

Vertigo Comics

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A fan favorite conspires against her queen in The Dreaming

Nuala used to live at the old Dream’s palace because Queen Titania gave her to him, and is resentful still and lives by herself, without a glamour. She tells Dora and Matthew that Dream needed her to help trick Titania so that he could get something of hers without owing anything, which brings that object into MacGuffin territory, as well. The Queen figures out she’s been had and sends the Unseelie Court to exact vengeance from Nuala, as seen above. Did I mention that Evely’s art is absolutely amazing? Nuala received two gifts from Dream for helping: his sympathy, which she turned into a thread that she gives to the Baku to help locate the errant lord, and Titania’s true name, which is a mighty power to wield.

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Back in The Dreaming, Abel speaks to the Entity, where it discusses how it wished it had a name. They then listen through Matthew, as he and Dora encounter Balam the Blind on the road to Hell, who pulls some bridge troll antics. Perhaps Dora is a demon; the comic continues to allude that she is unique in all the universe, raising her ambiguity and increasing her own MacGuffin status considerably. 9/10, a wonderful read and highly recommended. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.