Marcus and Maria go back to school in Deadly Class No. 38


Deadly Class waxes philosophic about popularity and fame.

Assuming you haven’t been living under a rock for the last year, you’ve heard about the Deadly Class television show, or at least that the show was based on a comic book. That comic book, written by the talented Rick Remender, drawn by Wes Craig, colored by Jordan Boyd, and lettered by Rus Wooton, has almost made it to forty issues, and it has sent the students of King’s Dominion, who are nominally training to become assassins, to places as far-ranging as Japan and to environments as inhospitable as the Southwestern desert. This latest issue sees the return of the prodigal son, Marcus, and his lover/classmate Maria, even though they left the school on the worst possible terms. As they integrate themselves back into the swing of things, they are forced to deal with a twisted version of the limelight, and all that comes with that celebrity status.

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High school drama, but for murderers, continues in Deadly Class

In the last issue, Quan died after freeing Saya from her maniacal brother’s clutches, allowing Saya to have attained revenge and also to head back to King’s Dominion, where everyone thinks she is dead. This issue kicks off with Shabnam being a bully, then finding out that Marcus and Maria are back, after killing a bunch of students and running away. Marcus has yet another voiceover where he talks about how messed up everything in life is and, while those monologues help set the tone of Deadly Class, they can be a bit tedious; we get it Marcus, you’re the most angst-filled person who ever lived. The two runaways step into Master Lin’s office, where he grills them about the choices they’ve made that led them to leave, the rationale they have for returning, and basically tells them good job.

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Deadly Class gives us new roommates and old enemies

Lin assigns Maria to live with Stefano, a mobster’s kid, in Willie’s old room. Marcus gets placed with Samuel, an Australian, and neither of our lovers seem very excited about meeting new people. Zenzele, Tosahwi, and Helmut, freshman accomplices in crime over the summer, publicly disavow Marcus, which was to be expected. Marcus has trouble dealing with the notoriety that his misadventures have given him; he has love letters jammed into his locker, girls are blatantly hitting on him, and everyone wants him to sit with them during lunch. To deal with the stress, he sneaks out to the graveyard to smoke a joint, where Maria finds him. Moments later, Shabnam, Brandy, Viktor, Grogda, and some red-shirts find them, as well. After a bunch of posturing, Grogda gets up in Maria’s face, causing her to get slammed to the ground.

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Shabnam threatens our protagonists and gets a roach flung in his face for his troubles. Marcus and Maria walk off, and we see that they all were being watched by Jayla, who forcefully hit on Marcus earlier. She will clearly become an important player in the issues to come. It was refreshing to watch our heroes return to the forge that molded them into who they are now, and it will be exciting to see what shenanigans they will get up to now that they’ve returned. 9/10, highly recommended. Let us know what you thought in the comments section below.