Can Doctor Strange Save Galactus in Issue No. 14?


Will Doctor Strange be able to save Galactus and the entire Marvel Universe?

When it comes to Heralds of Galactus, the last name you’d expect to find on the list is Doctor Stephen Strange. Yet with Mark Waid’s current run on Doctor Strange, it makes perfect sense.

Galactus has been stuck in the mystical realm, and his presence there is not good for anyone. In the meantime, he’s getting hungry. So Strange is sent out as Herald to find sustenance for the Devourer of Worlds that is hearty enough, but won’t destroy any kind of sentient life. An easier task you will not likely find.

Strange is met with all kinds of obstacles. From violence to indifference, until finally he finds someone willing to take him right to a planet beaming with dark energy. It’s like taking Galactus to Golden Corral.

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The trip was not without its peril, however. Every place they traveled through got tougher for Galactus to traverse and, at one point, forced him to actually do battle with the denizens to survive, draining him of more and more of his power.

Upon arrival, something so frightening occurs that it very well may make even Doctor Doom need to change his armor. There will be no spoilers here, but it should be said that Doctor Strange was never really my type of character. Something about him never sat right with me. That is until I took the time to really look at him through the films, especially Avengers: Infinity War, where the character really shined.

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Luckily, around that time Marvel re-launched the title with the amazing Mark Waid at the helm, and the title has never been better. It’s become a must-read every month. The direction he’s taken the book in, especially with this new storyline, could have ramifications for not just the magical and mythical realms, but the entire Marvel Universe.

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So run, don’t walk, to your local comic book shop and get the newest copy of Doctor Strange today. The ending literally will literally have you gasping with excitement.