Lois and Superman uncover Spyral’s secrets in Action Comics No. 1011


With information about Spyral at her disposal, it’s only a matter of time before Lois Lane and Superman reveal the truth about the underbelly of the DC Universe to the world. Spoilers for Action Comics no. 1011 follow.

Superman searches for Lois after she was disappeared during the attack from a similar, or same, entity as the one that had previously destroyed the DEO headquarters in a previous issue of Action Comics. Not long after Superman starts searching for Lois though, she pops out of an alley with new information pertaining to Spyral and the underbelly of every single spy organization within the DC Universe.

The only way she was able to obtain this information, though, was by telling Tiger who she really is, which convinces him to give her the information so that she can blow the lid on everything. But he doesn’t hold this information for long as the entity that Superman thought blew up finds Tiger and seemingly kills him.

Image by DC Comics/Art by Steve Epting

In Metropolis, Kate Spencer is ambushed by the police, led by Maggie Sawyer, who believe that she was the one who killed Director Bones of the DEO. She fights her way out of her apartment before making her escape as Manhunter, the first appearance of Kate in costume since the New 52 reboot in 2011.

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Lois and Superman arrive back at the Fortress of Solitude, where they discover that Amanda Waller has escaped. However, they have bigger fish to fry, as Lois gets to work on her article exposing Spyral, which gets released at the end of the issue, leaving Clark, Lois, and Jimmy to wonder who’s behind everything going on with the spy organizations in the DCU.

There’s absolutely no reason as to why the set-up for an event comic should be so compelling, but it is. Brian Michael Bendis and Steve Epting managed to create an engrossing political thriller that creates a thousand more questions than it even gets close to answering. There’s absolutely no reason this storyline should have been good, yet it is, and this is an excellent finale to the arc.

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Action Comics No. 1011 ends a great set-up arc in a way that should never be able to work, but does so here.