Kippa learns some secret truths in Monstress No. 22


The plot gets even more deliciously convoluted in the latest issue of Monstress.

Much like the Oscars, when something wins an Eisner Award, it’s generally worth taking a look at. Considering that Monstress won five Eisners last year, it’s safe to say it’s exceedingly worth examining; fantastical, highly unique art and an absolutely gripping story line guarantee a binge-read for anyone who likes a good tale. Writer Marjorie Liu, artist and colorist Sana Takeda and letterer Rus Wooton have crafted a marvelously imagined world where Lovecraftian monsters, many-tailed cats, and animal demons live in tandem with humans, precariously surviving after great wars divided the different species and magic was used to subjugate countless beings. Did I mention that the heroine is an animal demon who looks like a human, but happens to have an Elder God living inside her?

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Monstress drops some knowledge bombs about the Old Gods

At the end of the last issue, Kippa and Yafaela, one of her would-be captors, ended up in the Tomb of Baru, where no living creature has ever returned from, and Maika was kidnapped by the Blood Court, which is controlled by her biological father, the Doctor, who ordered Kippa’s capture in the first place. This issue starts out with the two tomb-dwellers sitting on a big pile of treasure, and Yafaela seriously stressing about her potentially imminent death. Kippa, having been through quite a bit of nasty business as of late, isn’t that worried, so when a giant dragon/vampire/Elder God known as a Dracul starts talking to Kippa in a language Yafaela can’t understand, Kippa just talks right back. The Dracul reveals that it and the Old Gods are distantly related, that the true Old Gods kept the Monstrum as slaves, and that they all came from across the stars. So now, Monstress has aliens.

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Maika rejects her father and incidentally learns about time travel in Monstress

Over at the Blood Court, Maika joins her father and the rest of the Arcanic generals for their first war council, where they discuss how the humans and Arcanics are making a pact to unite against the Blood Court and a bunch of other espionage-y stuff. Maika is still mad at her father for kidnapping her and attaching a steampunk-esque prosthetic arm to her unconscious body, which is understandable. She discusses an interpretation of “blood is thicker than water”, which actually translates more appropriately into “trust your friends, not your family”, and her father takes her to his private chambers, where he nonchalantly mentions that the Old Gods used to time travel, in addition to humanity once voyaging through space. That possibly sets this story up to be happening in the distant future, instead of an alternate reality, which is cool.

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Kippa and Yafaela get released by the Dracul, and Kippa ditches her captor, only to almost immediately run into Lord Corvin of the Dusk Court, who is still injured from when Maika was taken from him. The Doctor reveals that he has the Inquisitrix that Maika gave a face-ectomy to, which begs a whole bunch of questions to be asked. What is he up to? Do the Monstrum have a secret plan? Why is Kippa so special all of a sudden? Another superb issue;10/10. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.