Falcon and Winter Soldier miniseries moves another step towards production


Reports indicate that the Falcon and Winter Soldier (aka Bucky Barnes) miniseries could begin filming soon and offer a look at the working title of the show.

According to DiscussingFilm, an entertainment and movie news website, Disney Plus’ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is looking to begin filming in early August under the working title “Tag Team.”

With a lot of recent buzz being generated for the series, including the possible castings of Captain America: Civil War’s Emily Van Camp and Daniel Bruhl, Agent 13 and Helmut Zemo respectively, and a director, Kari Skogland, named for all six episodes, it makes sense that the show will soon be progressing into production.

An August filming start would certainly be a boon for excited fans eager for more of the duo. This information does conflict slightly with reports from MCM London, a convention which Sebastian Stan recently attended, where he mentioned filming for the miniseries would begin in October. In addition, a video from Fan Expo Boston, another convention which Stan was due to attend in early August, cited a different project, 355 as the reason he had to cancel his appearance. If Stan will be in Europe filming 355 in August, it seems unlikely that he could be working on both things at once.

Still, production is an involved process, which includes many moving parts before the actors come on set, so it seems like, one way or another, the show will begin forward-progress very soon.

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Additionally, the revealed working title of the series is another interesting piece of the puzzle. Although only temporary, it seems to point to the notion that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier may not the final title of the series. This would make a lot of sense, especially if the rumors of the show taking place after Avengers: Endgame are true. Sam Wilson has now taken on the mantle of Captain America and thus is no longer really “Falcon,” and Bucky, in so many ways, has thoroughly shed the specter of “Winter Soldier.”  While “Tag Team” is unlikely to make it to the final cut, it does suggest there is still at least one more title iteration to come, perhaps one more indicative of the contents of the show’s episodes.

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With production seemingly right around the corner, more and more information about this new series will likely be released soon. What’s your The Falcon and The Winter Soldier wishlist? Let us know in the comments!