It’s a Yancy Street Block Party in Fantastic Four No. 10


After battling Doctor Doom, The Fantastic Four face their greatest challenge: A Yancy Street Block Party.

Only 10 issues into their return to the pages of the Marvel Universe and Fantastic Four is showing everyone why it’s the backbone of anyone’s pull list.

Fresh off of stopping Doctor Doom from harnessing Galactus’ power, Marvel’s First Family has settled back on Yancy Street to catch their breathe and pick up the pieces of the mess that Val and Franklin made while they were gone in Latveria.

For the first few pages, it’s a story about any other family you may read about. Franklin is having his issues adjusting to losing his powers every time he uses them, as well as dealing with his punishment via community service.  Val is feeling detached and bored from the Future Foundation so she creates a giant transmitter to reach them at the end of the Multiverse through text. You know, the usual.

Ben realizes that the need for a Yancy Street Block Party is in order and the festivities begin. The usual block party tropes come into play. Reed and Sue meeting other parents, Ben and Alicia getting the usual “When are we going to see kids?” type of questions and that’s when this becomes a War of the Realms tie in. Yet calling it that almost feels like a lie.

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Sure there are creatures from the Bi-Frost attacking Yancy Street but that seems to be the only place they are attacking. The Fantastic Four do a good job of holding them off but the denizens of Yancy Street will have none of that. They want to handle the problem with street justice. Which while a heartwarming trait for any block in today’s day and age, feels a little dated and kind of out of place in the issue.

Overall, Dan Slott’s take on the Fantastic Four has been a very welcome one. Showing heart, vulnerability and the human nature that is the basis for the Richards and their extended family.

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It’s a great one-shot that bridges the gap between the big adventures that they are sure to be heading into with the coming issues.