Why “War of the Realms” is a must-read Marvel Comics event

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Image Source: Comixology Digital Comics

Combinations we wouldn’t normally see

One thing that makes a crossover fun are the character combinations. Some characters we would never think to put together will fight and team up. We’ll also see some of our favorite duos work together again. While it’s to be expected, War of the Realms has done this and thensome. We aren’t just getting the normal combos like Wolverine and Captain America. There have been groups put together that fans never knew they wanted to see. For example, the Queen Mother Freyja and Frank Castle teaming up was exciting.

It’s easy to see why the Punisher and Freyja would gain so much respect for each other, as both of them have lost family and friends in their lifetime. They also know what it’s like to truly be in a war and that you must have a different mentality when you’re fighting for the lives of billions of people. Having said all of that, it was still weird. There was also Heimdall and Daredevil. One used to be able to see everything in the universe and is now blind. And the other was blinded and now sees everything, so much so that it’s overwhelming, even for a guy who can smell and hear a fart 100 yards away. And The irony is certainly not lost on them.

These are just a couple of examples. This crossover has put teams together that we may never see again. Hopefully, it won’t be. The War Avengers squad needs to be the new Secret Avengers or Thunderbolts kind of book.