Why “War of the Realms” is a must-read Marvel Comics event

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Image Source: Comixology Digital Comics

The interpretation of war

The word “war” is thrown around a lot in comic books. What we normally get is a short fight that lasts about a day. This was even the case in Civil War. There were two sides, but the battle was short lived. War of the Realms was war. This wasn’t something that was going to be done and over with in a few days. Looking at the way the crossovers have gone and how the heroes have been growing facial hair, dealing with their emotions,or even feeling doubt, you can tell that this ordeal is weighing heavy on them. Spider-Man has seen his fair share of battles, and even he was worried that he’d never see his love Mary Jane again. This is what war is like, it’s ugly and people are hurt both physically and emotionally.

It was interesting to see how Jason Aaron has portrayed what is going on. Malekith’s forces have taken over the world. Everything from Frost Giants to trolls have people running scared, while the heroes are doing what they can to protect innocent people. There are people who hate mutants, but are so desperate that they’re okay with being protected by the X-Men. Shakespeare may have said in best when he wrote, “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.” War of the Realms is going to change the way comic book writers in all companies portray war. Invincible did a phenomenal job with this, as well. However, this crossover is spanning multiple comic books and affecting everyone.