X-Men: Dark Phoenix has an entire ending reshot


Professor X actor, James McAvoy, has revealed that the entire ending of X-Men: Dark Phoenix was re-shot due to the similarity to an MCU film.

With X–Men: Dark Phoenix days from release, a new controversy has risen from beneath the cracks. Amid the spanner that just hit in the middle of the works with director/producer, Matthew Vaughn, having opened up about his rejected pitch for an X–Men trilogy. As news circulated of extensive reshoots being made to Dark Phoenix, rumors and leaks have snuck out from behind the scenes. It had been revealed as of late from James McAvoy that the majority of the ending has been altered.

X–Men: Dark Phoenix, written and directed by Simon Kinberg, is adapting the classic 80s storyline from John Byrne and Chris Claremont entitled ‘The Dark Phoenix Saga’, as published in Uncanny X–Men No.129 to No.138. At times, the infamous story is split into two parts; the aforementioned tragic tale and the synonymous title, the ‘Phoenix Saga’ which collects between issues No.101 and 108 of Uncanny X–Men. In the film, which has Sophie Turner as one of the leads to portray Jean Grey as an X–Men member, it follows Grey, whose mutant abilities are corrupted by a dark entity – her alternate personality – known as Phoenix.

While the movie initially wrapped production in the fall of 2017, reshoots had taken place between August and September 2018. At the time, they were allegedly testing a focus group and audience reactions. The visual effects were barely half or two-thirds of the way finished. The part of the ending that had been a majority of the way in, replaced, had been due to it being similar to an MCU film rather than a strictly FOX owned property, which could possibly have been Captain Marvel. As it does both features a female character with energy projection abilities and the ending was originally set in space. McAvoy told Yahoo Movies UK it was a lot more than that. “The end [of Dark Phoenix] changed a hell of a lot.”

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"“The finale HAD to change. There was a lot of overlap and parallels with another superhero movie that came out… a while ago. And we had no idea that we were…”"

“They had spies on set,” McAvoy’s co-star Michael Fassbender interjected, before he jokingly referred to [the spies] and [their set] as being “infiltrated.”

Neither Fassbender, well commonly known for playing a younger Magneto in the franchise, nor McAvoy revealed the superhero movie in question they did entirely re-shot Dark Phoenix’s third act in response to.

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The outlet seemed to suggest Fox and Disney, the film studios of whom completed the merger back in March, may have led to a “show and tell” meeting between execs and reviewing each of their own film slates for the year so that there is no confusion and meddling of their brands.