Warner Bros. not at Hall H but still attending San Diego Comic-Con


Warner Bros. won’t give a Hall H presentation at San Diego Comic-Con this summer, but they’ll still have a presence at the event.

Everyone knows of Hall H when it comes to San Diego Comic-Con. DC fans especially warm up and toast to the news they get every year out of Hall H. Unfortunately, this year, Warner Bros. will be absent from Hall H. What started as only speculation and gossip, has even been verified by Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins herself. So what the heck is going on you may ask?

Quickly, many are claiming that Warner Bros. just does not care for their fans. Many were hoping, of course, for a Snyder Cut announcement. Many others are probably hoping for more Birds of PreyWonder Woman ’84, Joker or perhaps some big announcement for a new DCEU title. What can possibly be the reasoning for all of this? An easy reason for this is perhaps to save money. It’s no doubt that prepping that Hall H panel is costly. Many maybe even thought the DC folks are doing their own thing, much like Disney and Marvel have begun to do.

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Another possible reason maybe the lack of material. Patty Jenkins announced the release date for Wonder Woman 1984 as June 5th 2020. She adds that the marketing campaign begins later this year. Meanwhile, Birds of Prey also comes out next year. Therefore, it is too soon to drop trailers and begin press announcements with two films slated for a release next year. Why not push Joker then? It’s a fair question, but this is more of an “Elseworlds” tale and appears to be more like an indie film compared to the others.

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Erik Davis of Fandango has it on authority that both DC Comics and Warner Bros. will in fact be on the convention floor. Their booths will be right next to each other. Word is that the two are creating “a new super sized space” on the floor to bring in “the ultimate Con experience.”  It’s definitely a shame that we won’t have a Hall H presentation. Let us take these words with some optimism and good faith that maybe they have something new and exciting for once, and not just the usual Hall H panel.