The Birds of Prey budget has been revealed and we should celebrate


Birds of Prey will have the DCEU’s lowest budget to date, and that’s actually a good thing.

You know of how the male gaze will be mostly absent in Birds of Prey? Well, in the same interview with Vogue, the budget for the film was officially revealed, and it looks like the most inexpensive film in the DCEU.

The most expensive film to date is Justice League with $300 million. No doubt that most of this comes from the reshoots, and hiring Joss Whedon and Danny Elfman. Prior to Birds of Prey, Shazam! had the cheapest production budget with $100 million. On average, the DCEU films cost an average of $200 million. What is the production budget of Birds of Prey, you ask? Why the film will cost $75 million.

Margot Robbie claims the film is on schedule and on budget so far, but why this smaller sum of money compared to other films, though? Part of this may stem from the new blood in it. Margot Robbie’s production company, Lucky Chap Entertainment, which is relatively new, is backing the film. Any studio is willing to shell out more money to a production company like Lucasfilm, but not an up-and-coming production company spearheaded by a young actress. You also have the new director on board, Cathy Yan. Finally, Warner Bros is more than willing to shell out plenty of money for names, such as Superman or Batman, but do you really expect bid budget for characters like Black Canary of Huntress?

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With all of this, many fans might look at things skeptically, feeling Warner Bros has no faith in Margot Robbie, Cathy Yan or the overall production of this property. However, this small budget actually allows plenty of room for the film to post a huge profit. Coming from Man of Steel to Shazam!, the DCEU films average an opening weekend of $105 million domestically, already more than the budget of Birds of Prey. On top of this, their domestic gross multiplier average between two and three. Thus, going by averages, this film can possibly pull in a gross of over $300 million, and that is just domestically. Again, based on the averages, the DCEU films gross well over $400 million from international box office receipts.

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Take this all as a blessing. We have the beginning of a franchis,e here. Assuming it does well from opening weekend alone, fans will have a sequel and even possible spin-off films for Black Canary and Huntress. You can perhaps expect other spin-offs like Gotham City Sirens or that versus film between the two teams of femme fatales! Marvel may even look at this and consider a female team-up film, which many fans are clamoring for now.