Krypton spin-off series, Lobo, announced before character’s debut


Curiously, before Krypton had its season 2 premiere, a yet-to-debut character, Lobo was announced for his own series on Syfy.

Krypton returned for its season 2 premiere on Wednesday, June 13. Highlighting one of the earliest parts of the Superman universe, long before Clark Kent existed, Seg-El’s story takes precedence.

When television shows and movies are successful, sometimes spin-offs develop based on them, usually with one character or a group that rose to prominence and became fan-favorites. Krypton is about to do this, but with a character unfamiliar to viewers until the season premiere.

Before Syfy even aired “Light-Years From Home,” it announced a developing Lobo series. Yes, the same Lobo character seen in this episode’s pre-airing clips for the last few weeks.

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Played by actor Emmett Scanlan, Lobo will focus on this enigmatic alien bounty hunter, with Cameron Welsh writing and producing this series.

Syfy must have seen something special in this character long before his debut, because greenlighting this before the audience can garner a reaction to Scanlan’s portrayal is unusual. Plus, it was without analyzing the viewership trends of Krypton, if it was in for a sophomore slump. If so, that would not spell anything positive for this spin-off series.

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Yet, this is Syfy expanding its DC universe while comic book properties remain red-hot. From the CW to the DC Universe streaming service and films, there are more than just one DC Comics-based landscape to follow, and they continue to widen. Krypton will try its hand at increasing its own setting on Syfy, and the results should be interesting.