Jack Nicholson’s 5 most memorable Joker quotes from Batman ’89

What are the five most memorable quotes from the Joker in Tim Burton’s Batman?

The Joker is one of the most recognized characters in pop culture. His laugh and look are key elements that everyone knows. Even if you aren’t a comic book fan, you know who the Joker is and what makes him popular. After Cesar Romero’s portrayal in the Adam West Batman projects, the next person to play him would have some big shoes to fill. Thankfully, Jack Nicholson was the next person to play the role. Jack drew from Romero’s version of the character, but gave it his own twist. During 1989’s Batman, Jack delivered some incredible lines. Let’s look back at Jack Nicholson’s five most memorable quotes as the Clown Prince of Crime.

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“Wait’ll they get a load of me.”

Shortly after Jack Napier officially becomes the Joker, he kills his former boss, Carl Grissom. On the table is a newspaper, still wet from his boss’ blood. The cover reads, “Winged Freak Terrorizes Gotham’s Gangland” He reads the headline and says, “Wait’ll they get a load of me.” He then makes a weird noise and laughs. This is the first time we realize that Jack has officially lost his mind, and this wasn’t an act. He came out of those chemicals a more deranged version of himself. Jack was dead. Long live the Joker. Well, as long as the movie is anyway.

“This town needs an enema.”

Joker is still angry the Batman, since he is getting all the press Joker feels he deserves. He looks over at his right hand man and says, “This town needs an enema” and then blows on a party favor. This was an incredibly silly moment. Of all the things that Joker could have said, he chose to say that Gotham needed an enema. A perfect example of how far gone he was mentally. It began perfectly with him punching the TV and was capped off by the party favor. A brilliant scene.

“Where does he get those wonderful toys?”

After “improving” the art in a Gotham museum, Joker sits down to talk to Vicki Vale in hopes of getting her to photograph him. Before he could disfigure her, as he did to his lover Alicia, Batman comes crashing in (literally) and saves her. Batman exits using one of his gadgets to get out of the museum. You would figure Joker would be upset. Instead, he just looks in amazement and says, “Where does he get those wonderful toys?” It was great to see him react almost without a care in the world.

“Ever dance with the devil…”

Bruce Wayne confronts, insults, and challenges the Joker to a fight. Joker pulls a gun out and says, “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?” Bruce is stunned and asked “what?” Joker says, “I ask that of all my prey. I just like the sound of it,” and shoots Bruce. This wasn’t a funny scene, but it may have been the most important. This is how Bruce realizes that a young Jack Napier was the thug who killed his parents when he was a child. Jack is the reason Bruce became Batman. This quote may be the Joker’s most memorable line in movie history. In terms of overall Joker quotes, It’s either this or Heath Ledger’s “Why so serious?”

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“He’s at home, washing his tights.”

Joker is determined to be looked at as better than Batman. His final attempt would be to toss out $200 million in cash in a parade to the Gotham citizens. The parade ends, Prince’s “Trust”  stops playing, and he grabs the microphone. Joker asks the crowd who they trust. He points out that he’s giving away free money and asks where the Batman is. His answer? “He’s at home, washing his tights.” The people of Gotham ate this up. Too bad for them that seconds later, he tried to kill them with gas. His final plan was foiled, but not before delivering a line that may be as memorable as, “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells.”