Spider-Man: Far From Home swings to a new box office record


Spider-Man: Far From Home has already scored big at the box office with a new record.

Spider-Man: Far From Home has already broken a box office record, as EW reports that is scored $39.3 million on it’s opening day, setting the record for the largest Tuesday haul ever. Funny enough, this is not a new title for the hero, as everyone’s favorite web-slinger held the previous Tuesday record back in 2012 with the Amazing Spider-Man making $35 million on opening day. The news must certainly excite Sony and Marvel Studios, however, as it shows that audience interest in Peter Parker is still high after all these years!

Box office analysts expect the film to make an impressive $125 million in North America over the long weekend. While this is certainly not close to the turnouts to the opening weekends of any of the MCU’s ensemble Avengers films, the projected numbers are still quite high and would put Spider-Man: Far From Home on the upper end of highest opening weekends in the MCU. To put that into perspective, the film would make just over Thor: Ragnarok’s $122.74 million opening weekend and give it the 11th highest opening weekend in the MCU.

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But how does that compare to the opening weekends of the wall-crawler’s previous silver screen outings? This latest iteration is projected to push past his previous solo film Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) by close to $8 million. That gives it the second biggest opening weekend of all live-action Spider-Man films. That said, the title of number one actually still belongs to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 (2007), which opened to a colossal $151.1 million. Given the excitement that surrounded the third installment of the original trilogy, it’s understandable why its opening was so high.

Still, the MCU’s version of the hero proves quite popular himself and may end up surmounting this number in an inevitable third installment. And if any of the other trilogies in the MCU are any indication, the third film always seems to have a higher opening than the previous two installments. In any case, the wall-crawler’s second MCU solo outing seems like it will make plenty of money in the meantime.

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Overall, things look like they’re off to a good start for the friendly neighborhood hero Whether Spider-Man: Far From Home has legs and will break any other box office numbers remains to be seen. But given the film’s positive critical reception, buzz for the movie will no doubt spur audiences to continue rushing to the theater to see it. Time will tell how much money the film will make in total earnings in comparison to previous MCU films.