DCEU: Now is the perrrfect time for a Catwoman movie

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Image by DC Comics/Art by Joelle Jones

15 years has gone and yet we still can’t unsee Pitof’s 2004 critically panned Catwoman. It’s about time Warner Bros makes up for their debacle — its’s long overdue.

July 13th marked life and death of the lone Catwoman solo movie that left Halle Berry licking her wounds. The movie earned Berry a Razzi, and she mockingly thanked Warner Bros and the writers for their lackluster movie. It was director Pitof’s vision that produced a film that still holds a depressing, 9% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Unfortunately for fans of Selina Kyle, that’s the only Catwoman movie we have. Even after all these years and Anne Hathaway’s portrayal in The Dark Knight Rises, it’s hard to unsee Berry’s Catwoman. Enough time has passed to ease the pain of a vivid distance debacle, and we are long overdue for a redo.

A perrrfect opportunity

There’s a growing hunger for diversity and inclusion; something Warner Bros has strived for with their comic book movies. They already have a few female-centric films underway. Wonder Woman was a gamechanger for the studio and Cathy Yan’s Birds of Prey expects to accomplish a similar feat when it releases on February 7, 2020.

Chrisitna Hodson (Bumblebee and BoP), is expected write a Batgirl script. So why not throw Catwoman into the fold?  After all, she’s just as popular as Barbara Gordon, if not more so.

Warner Bros. apparently understands Catwoman’s popularity. Which is probably why there are rumblings across the comic book movie landscape about a Gotham City Sirens film.  We’ve seen three different Catwoman origin tales.

The first began with Michelle Phiffer in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, the second was Pitof’s Catwoman, and the most recent was Nolan’s depiction with Anne Hathaway. However, only the failed movie gave Catwoman the sole spotlight.

Yes, Matt Reeves’ The Batman will introduce Catwoman, but Warner Bros. must give her a solo story. And Reeves doesn’t give Selina Kyle an origin, the studio can should. The Batman could act as an origin for Catwoman.

But that doesn’t have to mean she’s tied to the Caped Crusader. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

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