Sony and Marvel fail to reach new agreement on Spider-Man

Disney and Sony Pictures failed to reach new terms on co-producing future Spider-Man films.

After months of negotiations, Deadline has reported that Sony Pictures and Disney were not able to come to new terms in their co-financing agreement involving Spider-Man movies. This means that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige will not be producing any future Spider-Man films.

This news comes on the same year that Disney and Marvel broke the record for the highest-grossing movie of all time with Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home became the highest-grossing movie for Sony Pictures.

Mike Fleming Jr. of Deadline gave his opinion of Sony’s mindset:

“There is a lot of webbing here, but it all comes down to money, and it’s easy to understand why both sides refused to give ground. Disney asked that future Spider-Man films be a 50/50 co-financing arrangement between the studios, and there were discussions that this might extend to other films in the Spider-Man universe. Sony turned that offer down flat, and I don’t believe they even came back to the table to figure out a compromise. Led by Tom Rothman and Tony Vinciquerra, Sony just simply didn’t want to share its biggest franchise. Sony proposed keeping the arrangement going under the current terms where Marvel receives in the range of 5% of first dollar gross, sources said. Disney refused.”

The goal for many producers and executives is to make money. Feige has been seen by many fans as a man who gives the fans what they want. The critical success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the praise from fans is evidence of this. However, Feige and his team have found a formula that makes Disney a lot of money.

The inclusion of Spider-Man in the MCU was a win-win for fans and Disney. Fans were able to see Spider-Man interact with characters like Captain America and Iron Man just like in the comic. And for the studio, they were able to include one of the most popular characters in Marvel history in their profitable franchise and potentially make more money.

Despite the negativity the movie received and still receives, Spider-Man 3 is the highest-grossing non-MCU Marvel movie of all time with Venom at second.

The success of Venom garnered a sequel, and Sony Pictures has plans for Morbius starring Jared Leto. There are also potential spin-off movies featuring Silver Sable and Black Cat and the Sinister Six, which was originally scrapped after the lackluster performance of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Deadline also reported in their piece that Jon Watts and Tom Holland are still slated for two more Spider-Man movies. Feige is most likely not in charge of these movies. Variety has reported that a deal could still be reached, but as of right now, Feige and Marvel no longer have Spider-Man under their MCU umbrella.

What do you think about this news about Feige and Marvel no longer leading the creative direction of Spider-Man? If a deal isn’t reached, do you want Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to team up with Tom Hardy’s Venom? Let us know in the comments down below.