Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford are leaving Legends of Tomorrow

Two main cast members are about to be leaving Legends of Tomorrow sometime during the course of season five.

As reported in an exclusive for Deadline, Brandon Routh’s Ray Palmer and Courtney Ford’s Nora Darhk are going to be leaving the show sometime during the upcoming fifth season of Legends of Tomorrow. Routh was one of the original cast members aboard the Waverider when Legends of Tomorrow began back in 2016, but he first appeared in the Arrowverse two years prior in season three of Arrow. Ford first appeared on Legends of Tomorrow as an adult version of Nora Darhk, daughter of Damien Darhk, in season three of Legends of Tomorrow:

The decision for the two to leave the show stems from a creative decision rather than the actors deciding to leave the show. According to Deadline, the decision is about wrapping up the two character’s storyline but still leaving the door open for them to make appearances in the future. During season four of Legends of Tomorrow, Ray and Nora struck up a romance, which is potentially a reason why they may be departing the show, so the characters can live out the rest of lives separate from the Waverider.

This won’t be the first time characters have been written out of the show for creative reasons, as the only original cast members by the end of season five will by Caity Lotz as Sarah Lance and Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory. Cast members who have left the show have returned in guest appearances though, such as Franz Drameh as Jax and Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart, so it’s possible for the two actors to return.

Ray Palmer won’t be the only character Brandon Routh is portraying in the Arrowverse during this upcoming year. It was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con that he would be reprising his role as Superman during the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover later this year, as well.