The DC Universe is getting its own “ultimate” timeline

At New York Comic Con, Dan DiDio provided an update for the “Ultimate” DC Timeline for the DC Universe in comics.

It’s a sad time for the comic book industry, as reports coming after weeks and months show the steady decline of sales. Between the Big Two, the pressure is on to maintain their core readership and attract new audiences, amid the direct market’s recurring struggles. Despite what DC Entertainment has faced, the company has managed to remain in a top-five spot in sales.

Following this year’s New York Comic Con (via CBR’s initial report), the co-publisher at DC, Dan DiDio, informed fans that there will be an updated DC Universe timeline, which is supposed to represent an “ultimate” timeline of the comics universe. DiDio previously teased the possibility of an “ultimate” DC Universe timeline back in July during a San Diego Comic-Con panel. On the DC Nation panel at NYCC, DiDio explained:

“We’re trying to organize our stories in a comprehensive way. This will be the basis of all DC Comics for the future. We don’t know what the future is, but what’s happening right now is a high level of planning.”

He added:

“What we’ve done is identified generations of DC Comics… we’re reintroducing aspects of our history back into it… What you see right now is a story that will be consistent.”

Ever since DC Rebirth was established in 2016, the goal was to take elements that worked in The New 52 and integrate it as part of the continuity prior to the 2011 Flashpoint event. Most titles under Rebirth had built towards Doomsday Clock, where revelations of why Doctor Manhattan from the Watchmen messed with space-time will be answered. However, due to several delays of the 12-issue miniseries, continuity has been in moderate disarray.

The co-publisher of DC explained that reboots happen when continuity is confusing or stops making sense. While true, they also happen on a generational basis to make the existing backstories and characters fresh, dynamic or more concise. On Generation 1, DiDio said:

“Wonder Woman is our first superhero.”

“Generation 2 begins with Superman. Generation 3 tackles Crisis on Infinite Earths.”

What do you think about some of the changes that are being made? Are you looking forward to what they can do with the DCU? What do you think should and shouldn’t change? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below.