DC Comics will reveal Superman’s identity to the world

Superman has kept his secret identity close to the chest. On December 18th, that changes, as the Man of Steel will reveal that he is Clark Kent.

A secret identity is undoubtedly one of the most important things to a superhero. It not only allows them to move around the world unnoticed, but it also protects their loved ones.

For example, Peter Parker kept his identity close to the chest. The one time he let the world know who he was, it ended with his Aunt May getting shot and Mephisto ruining his life (and continuity).

We’ve also seen an alternate reality where the world finds out who Batman was (check out Injustice for that). And now, DC Comics has announced that another one of the best superheroes the world has ever known will be revealing his secret identity, as the world will find out that Superman is Clark Kent.

During an interview with the New York Times, the former Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis (who also created Jessica Jones) said, “On some level, this is what DC brought me here for…”

This shouldn’t shock anyone. Bendis also outed Daredevil as Matt Murdock during his incredibly popular run of Daredevil. That moment affected everyone close to Murdock, including his villains, and it looks like Superman’s reveal is going to have a similar effect on the DC Comics hero, as Bendis commented:

“Everybody who’s ever been in contact with him is going to have a completely different perspective and reaction to this. Some heroes are going to be thrilled, some heroes are going to be livid, some villains are going to change their ways.”

Even though this has happened to Superman before, it’s going to be interesting to see what will happen now – especially with characters like the Justice League. Will Batman alienate himself saying that their relationship draws attention to his life as Bruce Wayne? Is Lois Lane going to be OK with this decision? What about Lex Luthor? Will he be one of the villains who sees him in a different light after the reveal?

We’ll just have to wait until Superman No. 18 on December 11th.

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