Marvel Comics’ “Incoming!” set up their entire year in one issue

Marvel Comics’ Incoming! went through all of the company’s major titles and showed us a bleak future.

There’s a phrase comic book companies love to use, “Nothing will be the same again.” A lot of the time this is false. It’s just a way to get people to buy comics. We buy the issues and it’s more of the same. Well, Marvel Comics boasted this again. Marvel Comics’ Incoming! was marketed as a way to set things up for the next year with one murder. We’ve heard this before but, this time, it looks like it’s true.

Daredevil encounters a guy named the Masked Raider, who leads the Man Without Fear to a dead body. Daredevil contacts Jessica Jones, and she finds a series of numbers with “2 Faced” and the Hala Star on the back of a picture. The Hala Star, for those who don’t know, is a symbol on Carol Danvers’ uniform. This leads Danvers to Blue Marvel who then goes to Reed Richards. He finds out the Skrulls and Kree have been working together, but why? At the end of Incoming!, we see Hulking (who’s half Skrull and Kree) lifting his sword in the air and preparing for an invasion on the Sol System. The book ends with “Coming April 2020, Empyre!”

This book was similar to what Marvel Legacy No. 1 did in 2017. What started with the first superhero team back in the stone age on Earth one million years ago gets into the return of Wolverine and the Fantastic Four, the intergalactic empire of Wakanda, and Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) killing Starbrand. This time it starts with a mysterious murder. A cosmic being leads us readers down a path to every important Marvel Comics title we should be reading in 2020. They did an incredible job of setting the stage for what look to be the most important books in 2020. Here are the ones that look to be the most interesting.


Mr. Sinister is up to his old tricks. Xavier has explicit orders for him not to clone or mess with other mutants’ genetics. Sinister, being who he is, has decided he will follow Xavier’s orders but go around them. He’s set his sights on Franklin Richard. Franklin may be the most powerful being on the planet, maybe even the universe. The last thing anyone needs is Sinister getting that kind of power.

Immortal Hulk

Bruce Banner is talking to Leonard Samson for a psychiatric session. We quickly find out it’s not Bruce Banner; it’s another one of his alter egos, Joe Fixit. He’s not happy he can’t go Hulk. He says he should be tougher, scarier, and in charge. The “Devil Hulk” has been running the show as of late. Are we getting a look at an internal war of the Hulks?

Avengers vs. Namor

The Avengers meet Namor’s team with an ultimatum. In order to stop an upcoming war with Namor and Atlantis, the Avengers have to ask each and every fish for an apology and kiss their fins. Apparently, the line starts behind Tiger Shark. Obviously, this wasn’t serious, and there was no way to broker a peace deal. This fight has been boiling for over a year, and 2020 is going to be the year the fight happens. Namor is stronger than he’s ever been, and his minions aren’t slouches either. It’ll be one heck of a fight.


Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) was on his way to Las Vegas to kill Mephisto. The Spirit of Vengeance is sporting a new skull with horns and seems more determined than ever. Wong stopped Blaze before he could finish Mephisto off. Why would he do that? Also, the Avengers know Mephisto is up to something (*sarcastic gasp). Big red may be contained, but that won’t last too long.

Where is Tony Stark?

In Avengers No. 25, Tony Stark was transported to one million B.C.E. The readers know he’s there, but no one else does. They don’t have a clue. There will have to be a search for Tony Stark at some point but, while he’s away, there’s an Iron Man stand-in — the arrogant Iron Man 2099, Sonny Frisco. But does he have something to do with Stark’s disappearance? Will he help bring him back? This will undoubtedly be an ongoing thing in a lot of books going forward.

The robot evolution

On top of everything else going on, machines are becoming sentient. They’re tired of being slaves to humans, and they’re rising up. Even the Fantastic Four’s robot, H.E.R.B.I.E., is done with them. This is something worth paying very close attention to. Where there are robots, there’s Ultron. Who knows if the cyborgs of the world will join the robots as well. They may not have a choice.

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These are only six things to watch out for. You also have Jessica Jones and Carol Danvers who were crucial in helping Reed Richards solve the murder that led to them finding out about the Kree and Skrull alliance. This was a great way for Marvel to end the year, and we should be excited about what’s coming next.