Ava DuVernay not afraid to use fan castings for New Gods movie

The award-winning When They See Us filmmaker is not shying away from fan castings of her New Gods film.

It has been under six months since fans of the DC Extended Universe have received any new details about New Gods from writer/director Ava DuVernay, who is co-writing the film with Batman: Rebirth comics scribe Tom King.

Recently, not only did the celebrated filmmaker, who managed to scoop the award for Best Limited Series at the Critics Choice Awards for When They See Us, give an update on the New Gods script, but she also revealed that she is open to suggestions from fan castings (via Screen Rant).

DuVernay mentioned she “[may] be taking some notes” on fan castings that have been shared on Twitter. So far the responses from fans have ranged from Oscar Issac as Mister Miracle to Canadian fitness icon Natasha Aughey as Big Barda. Some has also mentioned Brad Pitt as Highfather and Ray Porter as Darkseid. So while Marvel Studios and Disney are courting Christian Bale for a character in Thor: Love and Thunder, a dream cast could also be assembled for Warner Bros. and DC’s cosmic epic.

New Gods has not landed a release date from Warner Bros., while Birds of Prey is set to hit in under three weeks. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman 1984 is to arrive this summer, but the most interesting year to await the DCEU  is 2021, with The Batman, The Suicide Squad and Black Adam set to all hit within that same year, which almost feels like 2015 all over again.

Several ancillary projects from Green Lantern Corps to Booster Gold and The Trench have been announced to be in development at Warner Bros. However, only the Christina Hodson-penned Batgirl and the ambitious pop art, Jack Kirby-inspired film seem to be getting traction in the eyes of the public.

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What are your thoughts on the fan casting? Would you rather Gina Carano as Big Barda? Do you think DuVernay can pull off New Gods? Let us know in the comments below.