Why The New Mutants will be the best comic book movie of the year

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After years of waiting, the release of The New Mutants is almost upon us, and here’s why it just might be the best comic book movie of the year.

The New Mutants movie has been an on again off again project for the past couple of years, and Disney’s acquisition of the 20th Century Fox movies didn’t help calm people’s curiosity.

Would the movie be shelved, put on a streaming service, or be flat-out dropped? Well, after a long time waiting, we finally got that answer early into the year. Another New Mutants trailer finally dropped and it looks amazing.

While trailers aren’t always confirmation of anything, this one came with a release date as well, reinforcing that The New Mutants will indeed debut on April 3rd.

The idea of a horror comic book movie is a great concept, and the New Mutants trailer shows why in depth. The dark tone, creepy music, and Gothic atmosphere will certainly have an impact on fans, letting them know this isn’t your average superhero movie.

Not only that, the characters personalities and powers helped too. Rahn slowing turning into her lupine form, Sam being scared to talk about his powers, and Roberto burning his girlfriend while her hand creepily came from behind him were perfect. However, the best part may have been Illyana.

In Marvel Comics, Illyana can be incredibly psychotic and remorseless. We got a piece of that here and there’s certainly going to be more where that came from. She didn’t care that she killed a bunch of people and, in her eyes, they more than likely deserved it. Even then, killing someone isn’t easy, but she just didn’t care. Also, the CGI of her arm was well done too. It’s a small thing, but something like poor CGI could turn people off from seeing the movie.

All the signs are pointing to this not only being an incredible movie, but perhaps even the best comic book movie of 2020.

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