Superman & Lois officially casts the couple’s teenage sons

Crisis on Infinite Earths changed a lot in the Arrowverse, including the fact that Lois and Clark now have two sons, who have now been cast in the upcoming spin-off.

According to Deadline, Lois Lane and Clark Kent’s two sons are teenagers. This must be what it feels like to have J’onn J’onzz use his powers to make you remember life pre-Crisis.

Superman & Lois will be the newest show to join the Arrowverse, as it was a straight-to-series order from the CW. The show will revolve around the two title characters as they deal with being working parents in 2020; and all the stress and pressure that comes with it. Which is in no short supply for Superman and Lois Lane.

Jordan Elsass will play Jonathan and is described as a clean-cut, kind-hearted, and modest teenager with an attitude that will remind you of classic Clark Kent. Alexander Garfin will play Jordan: an intelligent teenager whose social anxiety limits his interactions with other people. It sounds like these rumored twins will be opposites from one another but encompassing some personality traits we’ve seen from their parents in past incarnations.

It’s time to stop avoiding the elephant in the room—in a matter of a year or so, Lois Lane and Clark Kent went from being pregnant in last year’s Elseworlds crossover to having an infant son at the start of this year’s Crisis on Infinite Earths. And now teenage sons. This is really hard to get over. The CW sold this writer on “Superman & Lois are parents”… but parents to babies is different from parents to kids, which is different from parents to teenagers. How long do we have to wait for this show?

Obviously, the show would have been a fun look at this iconic couple’s life in Metropolis as they navigate the daily life of saving the city as the Man of Steel and reporting the news no matter the cost as Lois Lane, star reporter of the Daily Planet; all while changing dirty diapers, staying up all night with a crying kid, and typical family drama that we’ve seen (and lived) over the years.

Think about how all that changes now. It’s no longer that season of Friends when Ross and Rachel have a baby, but it’s now Home Improvement. And not season 1, but season 6 or 7. Except, Superman and Lois went from having memories of raising two teenage boys to also having memories of having only one infant son. But are they only limited to the same family drama we’ve all experienced? Or does it go beyond just having to teach the boys how to drive? And do either of the boys have powers that Clark will need to help teach them to control?

How do you think having teenage boys will change the dynamics of Superman & Lois? Do you think this was a good move, or would have preferred seeing their life with infants rather than moody teenagers? Let us know in the comments.