Rumor: A Spider-Woman film is in development at Sony

With an unnamed Spider-Man spinoff film receiving a 2021 release, a new report suggests it could be headlined by Spider-Woman.

News broke from Exhibitor Relations that an upcoming film produced by Sony Pictures featuring a Spider-Man-related character is set for release in 2021. Now, a new rumor from insider Daniel Richtman claims it could actually be a Spider-Woman flick. Yes, you heard right – a Jessica Drew-inspired spinoff movie.

With the rights to the character being shared between Marvel Studios and Sony, this can actually be possible. Remember the unproduced project codenamed Glass Ceiling? Well, a film with that working title was in the works as far back as the fall of 2014, though it was canceled by the end of 2015. They seem to suggest the resulting film may end up being a 20th Century Fox and Disney situation before the merger when both studios used the character of Quicksilver in their respective films.

If this is true, It would be interesting to find out which version of Drew Sony would adapt for the potential Spider-Woman film or if it combines elements from all the best interpretations of the character, such as the original Earth-616 British-born SHIELD spy and the full ruby–and–white Peter Parker clone from Earth-1610. Either way, this most likely will not involve Marvel Studios, as it would be part of Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters (SUMC), which was kick-started with the release of the Tom Hardy-led Venom in 2018.

We may have to wait a little longer to see if this rumor is actually true, but chances are it could likely be the Richard Wenk-penned Kraven the Hunter film. Although, that production could be tricky since the director of the standalone Tom Holland-headlined MCU Spidey films, Jon Watts, has expressed interest in using the character. Whether or not the Cop Car filmmaker actually includes the big-game hunter in the Far From Home sequel remains to be seen.

So what are your thoughts on a Spider-Woman film? Do you think these rumors are true? How would you feel about Sony producing this project for Sony’s Marvel Universe? Let us know in the comments below.