HBO’s Watchmen has officially been labeled a limited series

Watchmen -- Regina King, Tim Blake Mark Hill/HBO
Watchmen -- Regina King, Tim Blake Mark Hill/HBO /

HBO’s Watchmen has been classified as a limited series, and there’s a chance it could find new life as an anthology.

As reported by Deadline, HBO’s Watchmen, a spiritual continuation of the original late ’80s 12-issue comic book limited series, has been dubbed a limited series by the network. The trade also reports that the nine-part TV adaptation from writer and director Damon Lindelof could still be the first in an anthology series, although no plans are currently set.

Envisioned as a sequel to the graphic novel as opposed to a prequel or reboot, HBO began negotiations with Lindelof in 2017 when Zack Snyder, who most famously directed the 2009 film adaptation, was no longer attached to the potential TV series. While it has been reiterated by representatives at HBO that there are so far no plans to continue, especially not without Lindelof. Feeling that his intended story was complete, the showrunner vacated his post at the conclusion of the season.

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Watchmen won “Television Programs of the Year” and “New Series”, respectively, at the the AFI Awards (American Film Institute) and WGA Awards. In regard to the show’s new label, WarnerMedia released a statement that reads, “We discussed with the producers and felt limited series was the most accurate representation of the show and any possible future installments.” That statement leaves an air of intrigue and casts a shadow on the direction of the show.

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In a post–Game of Thrones world, whatever form Watchmen takes — whether it be a direct continuation of the first season or an anthology series like Fargo —  HBO will likely be open to it, as they probably aren’t completely willing to let the golden goose leave the nest.