Captain Marvel and Nick Fury almost duked it out onscreen

While Captain Marvel and Nick Fury had a pretty chill working relationship in her debut movie, original concept art shows that they almost came to blows.

The in-film relationship between Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) and Nick Fury in her film of the same name was well received by critics and fans alike. In contrary to most superhero crossover meetings, Danvers and Fury were able to consistently come to an understanding about each other and work together during the entire movie without squaring up to each other one time.

Although, believe it or not, that was not always how their relationship was intended to go. Originally, Captain Marvel was going to showcase both parties tangling into each other’s crosshairs in a bonafide knockdown, drag-out brawl.

Marvel Studios artist John Staub recently revealed on Instagram some concept art that he worked on for Captain Marvel, providing proof that Brie Larson and a de-aged Samuel L. Jackson were supposed to have an intense, violent encounter at some point during the movie.

One noteworthy thing about this art is that Jackson is depicted with his classic Pulp Fiction curls (which highlights just how early in production this artwork was created), while Larson is depicted in her classic red, yellow and blue suit, which her character did not obtain until the third act (which highlights when their fight was supposed to originally take place).

It is unclear at what point in production when or why the scene was deleted from the finished script or if the scene wound up being filmed at all for that matter.

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But regardless of it all, this is still some wicked artwork that is worth marveling at (pun intended), and the concept of a fight between these two is intriguing nonetheless. Maybe it’s something Marvel is saving for a future film.