New Mutants news: Release date delayed, here’s what we know

The New Mutants film has been delayed once again, and here’s all that we know about that decision and when it will ultimately be released.

The New Mutants – the upcoming horror-themed superhero movie from 20th Century Studios/Marvel – has been delayed by Disney (along with other major releases Mulan and Antlers). These delays are due to concern for public safety over the novel coronavirus outbreak, which has led to a number of public gatherings being cancelled or discouraged worldwide.

The New Mutants was due to be released on April 3 in the United States with a global release set to follow in the coming days but, according to Deadline, Disney took the decision to cancel its premiere (along with the premieres of the other two films) in what is described as a “global re-dating scenario”.

When will The New Mutants be released now?

Fans will know that this isn’t the first time The New Mutants has been delayed. The X-Men spin-off was filmed between July and September 2017, but during the months and years that followed, it has suffered a number of setbacks and delays.

It was originally set for release two years ago, on April 13 2018, but it was moved in order to avoid clashing with fellow superhero movie (and X-Men spin-off) Deadpool 2, with its release being pushed back to February 22 2019. However, it seemed like the X-Men were everywhere for the film, because it was delayed again in order to avoid Dark Phoenix, with a new date set for August of that year.

Following the news of the Disney-Fox merger, the former studio delayed its release once more, nailing down April 3 2020 instead. And, for the longest of times, it actually seemed like it was finally going to happen, as trailers were finally unveiled – giving fans an idea of what to expect. However, just as the promotion began, the film’s release has been understandably pulled once more.

Those in charge at Disney will now take a look at the 2020 film schedule in order to decide new release dates for Mulan, The New Mutants and Antlers. As of yet, no date has been decided.

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