Harley Quinn: Ranking the 15 best characters of season 1

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Harley Quinn

Photo: Harley Quinn: A DC Universe Original.. Credit: 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

DC Universe’s Harley Quinn is preparing for its second season, but who were the best characters of season 1?

The DC Universe app has been rolling. Disney Plus may be the hot new thing, but DC Comics’ streaming service has been consistently good since its debut back in late 2018. All of their available comic books have been good, the original TV shows have been fun and different, and we know how great their cartoons are.

Speaking of cartoons, the Harley Quinn animated series has been an unexpected gem. The trailers for the show gave us a glimpse of what was coming, but the show itself definitely delivered. It was a wacky program that didn’t take itself seriously. So much that it made fun of all the things we ever wondered about some of these characters. For example, where does a super villain live? And who’s going to be bold enough to charge these super-powered criminals rent?

The best part of the show was definitely the characters. Sure, the story had great continuity (something lacking in a lot of programs), but there was no way we could have seen the wackiness that was coming. They showed hilarious sides of classic DC Comics’ heroes and villains that the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special didn’t come up with. They even threw in Kite Man (Hell, yeah!).

Who knows who they’ll use next season, but while we wait, let’s rank the top characters of the season. Starting with someone who was an unexpected low selection.

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