Titans’ third season to bring in Barbara Gordon and more Gotham City

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Image courtesy of DC Comics /

Titans season 3 is scheduled to return later this year and with it the introduction of a big new character — Barbara Gordon!

Another member of the Bat-Family is set to arrive on Titans. CBR reports that during a recent Q&A with the show’s cinematographers Boris Mojsoviski and Brendan Steacy, it was revealed that Barbara Gordon will be introduced in the upcoming third season.

Mojsovski didn’t reveal too much, but did let us know when we can expect to see her — the season 3 premiere!

No casting or other details were announced, but Mojsovski did also mention that the show would be returning to Gotham City and take cues, tonally, from the first season, commenting:

"“Things are going to go back to kinda seedy and dark in every way. Our Titans are going to be challenged greatly by external forces, but also internal ones. The season should have, in a good way, many resemblances of the first season and some cool emotional stuff from the second season.”"

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There’s no word on if the Barbara Gordon we’re going to see in Titans‘ third season will be as Batgirl or Oracle. Barbara as Batgirl does seem lighter and more fun — almost like she belonged in The CW’s Arrowverse instead of the DC Universe originals. Though, that lighter type character would certainly be a nice injection of joy to a show that is grittier than the CW DC shows. But, Gordon as Oracle would certainly fit the tone of Titans.

In the comics, the character becomes Oracle after being paralyzed from the waist down by the Joker in Batman: The Killing Joke. That character would likely have an edge to her; an edge that could mesh (or clash) with each and every Titan currently on the show.

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Season 3 of Titans currently has no premiere date, but are you excited to see Baraba Gordon appear on the show? Would you like to see her on the show as Batgirl or Oracle? Let us know in the comments below!