Why Method Man should play X-Men’s Bishop in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Method Man’s Bishop cosplay was amazing, so here’s why he should play the X-Men character in the MCU.

You have to love the actors who enjoy the roles they play. Ryan Reynolds is a perfect example. He loved being Deadpool. Because of his feelings for the character he fought hard to make the movie everything it was – including R-rated. Without him, it;s unlikely that the Deadpool movies would have been quite as successful as they were. You can also look at Stephen Amell as Green Arrow. He turned a somewhat lesser-known comic book character into a household name.

When Marvel Studios starts casting for new roles, they should look at actors who could recreate this kind of success for lesser-known characters. That brings us to the man of the hour, hip hop legend Method Man.

Method Man has been in movies and TV shows since the 1990s. A lot of musicians-turned-actors can’t balance both, but Method Man is one of the exceptions. He’s maintained an incredible hip hop career doing solo albums, teaming up with Redman for two Blackout projects, and dozens of features along the years. On top of all that, his live performances are among the most entertaining. Over the last couple of years, Method Man has transformed his body from a tall slim physique and put on a lot of muscle. After his physical transformation, Method Man started lobbying for a role unlike anything he’s played. He wants to play the X-Men’s resident time traveler Lucas Bishop.

It’s one thing to say you want to play a character, it’s another to dress up as them to show how you’d look – especially since the internet can be an unforgiving place. Speakinfg of the internet, the photos of Method Man as Bishop in the X-Men uniform were posted online (which can be seen in this article from CBR.com), and it’s safe to say he looked good in it.

He was sporting the classic Bishop look complete with red neckerchief, futuristic looking gun, and the “M” over his eye. Granted, Bishop usually has longer hair (except that one time he was evil and bald), but that’s a small detail. Plus, we’ve seen Method Man with braids and other types of hair in the past. He can make it work. Since he wants the role and he’s a worldwide star, why not give him the part?

Before you say he can’t play the role, let me dispel all doubt. Method Man has been a good actor for over two decades. A lot of his roles have seen him play tough or intimidating characters. He seems right at home doing this and he also does it very smoothly. All of that is Bishop.

He’s been a guy willing and able to run into a firefight without hesitation and make it look easy and good. Playing the time hopping X-Man isn’t out of his wheelhouse. Even then, what is out of his wheelhouse? You’ll never know what a person is capable of until they’re put into the situation.

Method Man’s career has certainly been impressive one as he’s enjoyed so much success. But, here he is in 2020 and there’s no sign of him slowing down. It would be easy seeing him play the X-Men’s gun-toting teammate. One final point, Method Man is a fan of comic books. He’s mentioned it in multiple interviews including when he went on Talk is Jericho.

All of the above suggests that he’d be a great choice for the role. Making Method Man one of the X-Men would probably be a dream come true for him. It also shows that if you put your heart into something, you can make it happen.

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What do you think? Should Method Man play the X-men character Bishop? Let us know in the comments below.