MCU: Chris Evans confirms Captain America has completed his journey

During a recent interview, Captain America himself, Chris Evans, put an end to the speculation about whether he will return to the MCU role again.

It’s hard to say goodbye, which is why many Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are still clinging to the hope that the original Avengers team will reappear in future MCU properties. But, aside from Black Widow and Hawkeye finally getting their solo outings, it looks like some of the team are determined to call it a day on their characters.

Digital Spy reports that Chris Evans, who starred as Steve Rogers/ Captain America, confirmed that he feels that his run as the iconic character has definitely ended.

During an appearance on the Graham Norton Show, Evans admitted that Captain America ‘went out on such a high note’ in Avengers: Endgame that it would be ‘risky’ to bring the character back.

A great end to a great era

As much as we would all like to see Evans play the role again, we can agree that Cap’s journey reached its fruition in the closing scene of the 2019 MCU film. Evans clearly feels the same way and has mentioned in some interviews that he is content with how Cap’s journey ended.

After a lifetime of sacrifice, Captain America went back in time and gave himself a second chance at living the life he always wanted with the love of his life, Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell). Some would argue that was an uncharacteristic move on Cap’s part, but both characters certainly deserved a happy ending.

Cap then handed his shield over to his friend Sam Wilson / Falcon (Anthony Mackie), who will explore the burden of taking on the new mantle as he partners up with Steve’s other friend, Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) in the upcoming Disney Plus MCU series, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

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Evans has also been open about how his anxiety regarding the role of Captain America almost led him to refuse the nine-movie deal. He eventually changed his mind and has now become synonymous with Steve Rogers.