The Flash just killed off a major speedster in shock twist

The Flash -- "Godspeed" -- Image Number: FLA518d_0001b.jpg -- Pictured: Godspeed -- Photo: The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved
The Flash -- "Godspeed" -- Image Number: FLA518d_0001b.jpg -- Pictured: Godspeed -- Photo: The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved /

The latest issue of DC Comics’ The Flash shocked the world by including the unexpected death of an iconic speedster.

With everything happening in the world right now, DC Comics is attempting to return to its normal publishing cycle. The iconic comic book company has already made headlines in recent weeks due to the fact that they pulled out of Diamond Comics Distributors. Now, however, their latest issue of The Flash has shocked comic book fans.

As revealed by, the white and gold speedster known as Godspeed was killed by the notorious Eobard Thawne (better known as the Reverse-Flash) towards the conclusion of “The Flash Age” storyline.

The narrative in The Flash No. 755 saw the Reverse-Flash, Godspeed and The Flash team up to take down Barry Allen’s latest enemy Paradox – a scientist and father of two transformed into a powerful being infused with extra-dimensional Speed Force and temporal energy on the night Allen got struck by lightning. Paradox then grew obsessed with destroying The Flash’s legacy and came very close to doing so.

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The three speedsters successfully utilized time-travel to defeat him. Through careful deduction and planning, Reverse-Flash went back in time and made it so that instead of Paradox despising The Flash and everything he stands for, his life is altered and he and never becomes the villain. However, when they return, Thawne confesses to August Heart (aka Godspeed) that he was the one who killed his late brother before then breaking his neck.

Coming June 23, the upcoming issue of The Flash No.756 with the creative team of Joshua Williamson and Christian Duce will see Professor Zoom seek his revenge against the Scarlet Speedster with his “Legion of Zoom.”

Godspeed is a relatively recent creation, but he quickly became one of DC’s most popular speedsters. And now he’s expected to play a major role in the seventh season of The CW’s live-action The Flash TV series. The character of Godspeed is alive and kicking in that universe and has made a couple of appearances thus far through time-travel and various drone lookalikes. The real thing has yet to actually face The Fastest Man Alive in the flesh and will likely do so in Season 7.

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