Batwoman season 2: Why Sophie Moore deserves the mantle of the Bat

Kate Kane is no longer the Scarlet Knight following Ruby Rose’s exit and Ryan Wilder will now take her place, but maybe her successor should be closer to home in Batwoman season 2?

Amidst the reveal a few weeks back that Ruby Rose will not be returning to the role of Kate Kane aka Batwoman on The CW’s Arrowverse series – and ultimately that the character for all intents and purposes departed the mantle of the Scarlet Knight – there will now be a new hero in Batwoman season 2 named Ryan Wilder.

As the show’s creator and showrunner Caroline Dries recently cleared things up on the fate of Kane, there are now rumors that suggest Riverdale‘s Vanessa Morgan could be stepping into the bat suit. However, what if the role of Batwoman was passed on to a successor much closer to home? Maybe Kate Kane’s ex-girlfriend, perhaps? Yes, by the heading you’ve probably figured out which one we’re talking about.

With that in mind, let’s delve into why Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy) deserves to be the next Bat lady.

Kate Kane’s departure

We do not yet know what Batwoman and its creative staff have in store for Kane’s fate, which arguably, could have handled this in a soap opera fashion with a recasting, but it is safe to say it will be handled with at least some amount of closure, ending Kate’s story for now at least.

As for why Moore should be the Scarlet Knight instead of Ryan Wilder, well first of all, who would be hurt the most by her disappearance (other than her father and stepsister)? Moore, of course. Yes, in order to become Batwoman she would probably need to figure out that Kate was the Caped Crusader, but before you suggest otherwise, let’s not forget that Moore had her suspicions from the very beginning.

Deep down, Moore still cares about Kane. Yes, their history was troubled, but the chemistry and – dare we say it – the love was still evident. If Moore were to finally deduce that Kane was the original Batwoman, she would feel more of a moral obligation to find her, or to at the very least, make Kane proud.

Different shades, different stripes in the Cowl

Like Kane, Moore is also a lesbian, but the difference is that she is only beginning to come out of the closet. She’s also one of the few black characters playing something of a major role on a superhero series – and that  is a reflection of the current dilemma when it comes to representation in society today in the entertainment industry and in the real world.

In the fourteenth episode, “Grinning from Ear to Ear,” Sophie’s mother Dianne made a surprise return visit at her apartment. She was concerned why her own daughter had not called since the breakdown of Sophie and Tyler’s marriage, and upon realizing that her daughter was gay, she shunned her. This depiction of the conservative attitudes towards LGBT individuals – both within and out of the black community – only scratches the surface of those issues and if Sophie became the next Batwoman, it could pave the way for further exploration of them.

Sophie becoming Batwoman would be a major step forward for representation for both the LGBT and black communities. Her story is completely different to Kate’s and this would allow The CW to highlight that, celebrating the diversity that the first season of Batwoman brought to the table by taking it one step further.

Putting on the mask – knowing that Batwoman is a lesbian – would also be a major step forward for Sophie in her coming out journey, as she would be fully accepting all of who she was and honoring the person who first helped her see that.

The Fantastic Luke Fox and his allies

Moore is currently beginning a romantic relationship with Julia Pennyworth – who has already worked alongside some of Kane’s associates like Fox. As the next in line to don the cowl, she would have access to the Batcave and Wayne Security. Fox would be tech support for Moore’s activities as Batwoman and Julia could easily do a John Diggle and operate as her bodyguard so to speak.

This would not only increase the connection between the established cast, the majority of the leftover plot-threads from the impromptu finale could still be settled with Moore’s character under the mask, including some of the conflict with Alice aka Beth Kane – Kate’s estranged twin sister – and Tommy Elliot/Hush, who is currently wearing the face of Bruce Wayne.

Sophie Moore’s skills and Might of the Crows

Moore was one of the top cadets at Point Rock Academy. With some of the combat skills and martial arts she developed and refined over the years (as part of an agent of Crows Security), she is capable of unorthodox feats – feats different than the ones Kate brought to the table.

Moreover, Julia – a former covert agent of the UK intelligence agency the SRR – would be able to instruct Moore in how to deal with her sense of justice as the Scarlet Knight and even teach all of what she knows in fighting and gathering intelligence.

Although Moore is already a skilled combatant, investigator and security expert in her own right, with Julia co-leading the Crows strike-team, she is capable of being Moore’s ears and Fox her eyes. She will have access to not only law enforcement on her side, but the gadgets and tools from Wayne Enterprises to protect Gotham in Bruce’s absence.

Yes, it goes without saying that Sophie Moore would be a worthy successor to Kate Kane in Batwoman season 2.

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