The Boys season 2 trailers promise an even more intense season

Photo: The Boys.. Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video
Photo: The Boys.. Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video /
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The terrifying Black Noir

Erin Moriarty stated that Black Noir’s character is terrifying. Considering everything we’ve seen from The Seven, that’s saying a lot. The trailer, however, confirmed her comments.

We see Black Noir on a mission to take out what appears to be a terrorist cell. At first, Noir’s killing the guards patrolling the area with ease. Then he comes across someone with powers. The guy lets out a scream and burns the entire room. When the smoke clears, Black Noir remains standing. A little charred, but not phased by the massive blast. Next we see Black Noir carrying the assailant’s head removed.

Funny thing is, the slaughter isn’t the scary part of this. It’s what’s next that’s frightening. Black Noir walks into a child’s room with the severed head. You think that he’s going to kill the kid as well. He doesn’t. Noir takes a teddy bear and plays with it. It’s like he’s showing the child that he has nothing to fear.

Why is this scary? Noir just killed a bunch of people and turned the kill-switch off like it was nothing. He was completely silent while he murdered everyone in his path., then became empathetic for a kid who’s looking at a decapitated head. Does this mean that Black Noir has feelings or that he likes to taunt people while they’re scared? Either way, we should be afraid.