The Boys: Erin Moriarty says Black Noir is “terrifying” in Season 2

Photo: The Boys.. Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video
Photo: The Boys.. Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video /

Black Noir will be far from quiet in the second season of The Boys.

Season 2 of the 2019 hit series The Boys should be returning to Amazon this year. The hard-hitting, yet deep show surprised everyone who tuned in. Even people who read The Boys comic books were amazed. We knew things would be changed to fit the medium, but it was still incredible and kept all of the elements that made the comics so original. It was just announced that Butcher’s dog, Terror, will be making his debut in Season 2. Now, it’s looking like more good news is coming out, as it appears Black Noir will have a bigger role as well.

If you’ve seen the trailer for the new season, you’ll notice that there was more Black Noir in action in a short amount of time than in the entire first season. Unfortunately, that’s still only speculation. The good news is Karl Urban gave everyone some confirmation on this theory. During a panel at C2E2, Urban said:

"“He’s thread very well through the whole series and culminates in some diabolical action which I can’t get too specific about at this point. And you may even find out what his Kryptonite is.”"

During that same interview, Urban’s costar Antony Starr said:

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"“Black Noir, I think of all the characters from season two, I think they probably wrote to him the strongest in season two in my opinion. Black Noir is like a f***ing force in season two.”"

If that’s not enough, Erin Moriarty (who plays Starlight) ended by saying, “He’s terrifying.”

This is great news, as Black Noir was a crucial part of The Boys‘ ending. Without giving any spoilers, let’s just say he’s more than what he seems. Not just with his powers, but with his endgame as well. Every so often, we’ll find out what kind of “superhero” he is and what his purpose is. Starlight went through a lot last season so if Erin Moriarty is calling him terrifying, that says something.

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We still don’t know if the ending of The Boys will be the same as the comic books. We’ve already seen major changes such as the story of Butcher’s wife. In the comics, she died giving birth to a superhero baby. For all we know, Black Noir could be something completely different and viler than the comics. Nonetheless, Black Noir is going to make things more diabolical than they were in Season 1.

What do you think? Are you hoping they stay true to Black Noir’s source material? Let us know in the comments below.