Rumor: The MCU’s Avengers to show up in Sony’s Marvel Universe?

With the world radically shaken after the snap and the final battle against Thanos over, the Avengers are battered and broken… but they may end up somewhere new.

Bar none, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has pulled off one of the greatest feats in cinematic history.  Releasing 23 connecting films across 11 years is impressive, to say the least  While the theme of the phase four releases is “passing the torch” the Avengers may not disappear as quickly as we think, and they may not reappear in the MCU.

Last weekend, BGR highlighted that a new rumor stemming from 4chan suggests that Sony now wants some of the future Avengers to appear in its SPUMC – the uniquely named Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters. According to this rumor, apparently as Sony and Marvel were working on their tenuous relationship surrounding profit-sharing, creating the SPUMC was a partial resolution we may have never heard of.

Could The Avengers really turn up in the SPUMC?

If there is any truth to these rumors, finding evidence may not be that difficult to identify after the fact. The BGR report gives an example from the trailer for Morbius, adding that the film’s first trailer seemingly highlights that it’s “set in the same general universe as the MCU” – something it accomplished with the cameo of Michael Keaton’s Vulture.

There is a true coinflip if this could really payoff.  If successful, it could elevate the status of some of the Sony/Marvel films.  In a world where people are eating up superhero films quickly, if Sony is building a larger cinematic universe, they’ve built something more sustainable than constantly rebooting Spider-Man. However, are people tired of the Avengers and looking for new heroes and teams?  Is Sony buying a used car from a rental outlet which may have a good price, but too many miles on it?

Either way, I’m excited to see Sony shoot their shot instead of rebooting the same franchise for the fourth time in my life.

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