X-Men: Was the Jean Grey, Cyclops and Wolverine triangle confirmed?

Sophie Turner stars as Jean Grey in Twentieth Century Fox’s DARK PHOENIX. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox.
Sophie Turner stars as Jean Grey in Twentieth Century Fox’s DARK PHOENIX. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox. /

Did these X-Men prove a theory we’ve had for the last year? X-Force No. 10 may have expanded on our thoughts.

The mutants have their own nation and it’s recognized by the world. Krakoa has become a safe haven for mutants around the world. They’re so welcoming that even former enemies of the X-Men have a place on Krakoa. They accomplished this and more.

Since the human ways weren’t working, they’re trying new things like laws. For example, Nightcralwer mentioned creating a mutant religion. And there’s the resurrection protocols. Being able to bring their family back from the dead means that not even death can hold them back.

During one of the first of the big festivities, all of the mutants on Krakoa were partying like it was a Prince song (that’s 1999 for you young folks). A lot of mutant relationships were mended and new trust was given. Wolverine and Gorgon patched up their rivalry and lifetime villains like Exodus and Mr. Sinister are allowed to operate freely.

One thing that stuck out to everyone, however, was Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Wolverine being overly chummy.

A confirmation of the X-Men love triangle?

We’ve always wondered what was going on with these three. Wolverine and Jean Grey have always had a very odd relationship with a lot of sexual tension. Sometimes it was sneaky: Jean would kiss Wolverine behind Cyclops’ back. Sometimes it was less than subtle: Logan would flirt with Jean right in front of Cyclops. During House of X No. 6, they were arm in arm and sharing beer. It seemed innocent, but we wondered.

However, in X-Men No. 7, Cyclops and Logan mentioned seeing Jean in a bikini. Cyclops mentioned himself in a speedo to which Logan responded, “Heh. Well, who wouldn’t want to see that?” Again, innocent and it could be a joke. Still, it makes you think. Now, there’s the ending of X-Force No. 10. in which Jean and Logan flat out kissed!

After a mission, Jean Grey quit X-Force. She didn’t like the direction it was going and didn’t want to get involved. As she is leaning on him, Jean tells this to Logan while they’re in a hot tub. She straddles him and gets in close. She says, “If you think I’m too good for X-Force, you probably think I’m too good for you.” Logan responds with, “Well…sure. But you need a taste of poison now and then. Just to keep things balanced.” The next panel shows the two of them kissing from a distance.

Now we have to wonder. With the mutants of Karkoa no longer abiding by the laws and rules of humanity, does this mean open relationships are something they’re practicing? They seem very free love on Krakoa. Open relationships and and polyamorous relationships may be more accepted on Krakoa than in the human world, but who knows? Could explain how Jean and Wolverine suddenly got that close (in spite of how well-documented the battle between Wolverine and Cyclops for Jean’s love is)?

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With everything that’s happened, who knows if the new way of life has put a wedge in between Jean and Cyclops?

There was also Wolverine No. 2 where Cyclops was upset that Logan killed Jean. The former couldn’t even look at his fellow X-Man. Did he feel betrayed since they had a new arrangement? Did Jean and Cyclops break up? Their positions on Krakoa may have caused them to drift apart… or maybe Jean really is cheating on Cyclops. These are all options. There could be more options that we aren’t even thinking about.

One thing is guaranteed, this won’t be the last we hear about this love triangle. For all we know, Cyclops and Wolverine could be getting it on too. Mutants have always been accepting of all ways of life for decades. No reason for things to change. Especially now that they can be who they are without being judged.

We’re going to have to wait and see what’s going to happen next. When it comes to the X-Men, anything can happen.

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